Holiday Season 2015 – Inclusion

Archie Bunker: “What color is she?” 
Archie’s young niece, Stephanie: “A regular color.”
All in the Family, Season 9, Episode 25 – The Family Next Door


Back in the 1970s, All in the Family was one of the top TV shows and in the view of many one of the greatest TV series ever produced. It was also a groundbreaker, addressing the controversial and divisive issues of the decade. The show centered on Archie Bunker, a loudmouthed, undereducated, white middle class blue collar worker who was a bigot. Archie rarely passed up an opportunity to offend someone, either behind their backs to their faces. His absurd and outrageous remarks were both shocking and funny. Indeed, it was the comedic nature of the show that softened the contentious situations and biting dialogue, and the reactions of those who were offended and often bewildered by his odd use of the English language. Archie’s intolerance was balanced by his longsuffering wife, Edith, who was inclusive and kind-hearted, and his feminist-minded daughter and liberal-minded college student son-in-law. The latter two regularly challenged Archie’s bigotry and ignorance, sometimes revealing their own hypocrisies. However, it was clear throughout the series that Archie’s attitude and behavior were dead wrong. Through his dramatization of what a bigot looks like, Archie Bunker raised the consciousness of a nation   

Holiday Season 2015 – Making Things Better, Not Worse

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 “…you can prove that you’re a Christian.
You can’t prove it, then, you know, you err on the side of caution.”

“…calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States…”

“…I don’t think orphans under five…should be admitted into the United States at this point.”

The news is not good these days for those of us who teach etiquette to students and professionals. You can’t pick up a newspaper, watch the news on TV or go online without reading or hearing the maelstrom of incivility aimed at certain ethnic and religious groups.


“I don’t know what is ahead, but the Covid-19 variants are not done with us.”~ Dr. Michael Osterholm, co-author of Getting to and Sustaining the Next Normal: A Roadmap for Living With Covid “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”~ Attributed to Friedrich Nietzsche “The same way the U.S. invests in and prepares … Continue reading SERIES ~ PANDEMIC LESSONS LEARNED – PART SIX: COPING WITH COVID NOW & PREPARING FOR THE NEXT PANDEMIC