Negotiating Like a Woman

The ability to negotiate is critical to a woman’s career success. It is a skill that employers require and every job demands.

A job candidate that negotiates smartly and smoothly commands respect and is likely to walk away from table with a higher starting salary.

Negotiating a higher salary from the start will not only put more money in a woman’s pocket right away but will also increase her retirement fund, including her 401K, pension and Social Security accounts that are all based on earnings. By negotiating higher starting salaries and continuing to negotiate throughout their careers, women can add thousands, even millions, of dollars to their career earnings and make great strides in closing the gender pay gap.

The current business environment continues to hold women to a different standard than their male counterparts. But when adopting a different approach from the one men use, women typically achieve success. Therein lies the negotiation mystique.

In an upbeat and supportive environment, participants will discover the proper framework in which they can practice developing and honing skills and techniques. The Workshop also addresses other situations that require or invite negotiation.