Job Search Series – Nailing the Interview – Part 4 – What Men Should Wear

What Men Should Wear

Vestis virum facit.” ~ Erasmus (c. 1466-1536)

“What a strange power there is in clothing.”
~ Isaac Bashevis Singer (1904-1991)

Regardless of the century in which one has lived clothes have always been important to a man’s image. Erasmus and Singer both recognized the authority and influence that dressing well commands. (I recently discovered that it was Erasmus, not Mark Twain, who first uttered the famous sentiment about clothes making the man!)

Job Search Series – Nailing the Interview – Part 3 – What Women Should Wear

What Women Should Wear

“Good clothes open all doors.” ~ Thomas Fuller (1608-1661) 

"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress;
dress impeccably and they remember the woman."
~ Coco Chanel (1883-1971) 

Thomas Fuller and the great Coco Chanel were right. There's no question of the importance of clothes to one’s image, no matter your age or the circumstances. It's no different in the workplace, where your brand will help you to gain respect, admiration and career advancement. There are few more important occasions when the way you dress will help determine your future than the job interview. Consequently, an investment of thought, time and a little money will be essential to your success.

The Department Store Job

Would Macy’s Tell Gimbels?

The time-honored adage above refers to the legendary rivalry between two great New York-based department stores. In the end, Gimbels-- which owned Saks Fifth Avenue, was where Lucy Ricardo shopped, and which started a Thanksgiving Day Parade four years before Macy’s did -- closed its doors. Macy’s, of course, is still around. And, while stores can go out of business because of mergers, acquisitions and poor management, the deciding factor in a department store’s success or failure is its ability to attract, retain and increase the numbers of customers who shop there. 

It’s in the Bag




 “Anybody who’s ever worked in a grocery store or shopped in a grocery store knows that bagging is the heart and soul, the very lifeblood, of the American food industry.” ~ David Letterman

Knowing how to bag properly is one of the most important skills that anyone who works in a supermarket can possess. And, although the above quote by the illustrious talk show star might be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, the supermarket bagger might well be the unsung hero of the industry.

Summer Job

Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.”
~ Malcolm S. Forbes

 (Please note that I'm interrupting my series on dining etiquette
for a few weeks to focus on the topic of summer job etiquette.) 

Sticking to one’s job in a positive and productive way is the key to making progress. And, speaking of making progress, the U.S. is seeing some of the strongest summer employment numbers for teenagers since the 2007 discovery that the world was in the midst of the largest disaster since 1929. These figures might also include summer internships, which differ from the time-honored summer I-need-to-earn-some-money job; but still the job picture is improving. If you’re among the lucky teenagers, as well as college students, to have summer employment, this entry is for you!

Women’s History Month – The Rise of the Boss Lady

But Do We Like Her?

From Diana Christensen (Network, 1976) and Katharine Parker (Working Girl, 1988) to Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada, 2006) and M (James Bond, 1995-2012), the female boss has been portrayed in the movies as immoral, back-stabbing, fire-breathing and unfeeling, to the point of being unflinchingly prepared to send even her most prized employee to his death without a backward glance. (Although in the case of M, we might be prepared to forgive her.)

Vogue Takes a Stand on a Healthy Female Image

Striking a Blow for Ethics and Women’s Heath

Brava, Anna Wintour!  The most powerful woman in the fashion industry, the editor of Vogue, has struck a blow for women’s physical and mental health, which will likely save the lives of millions of young girls and women.  Beginning with the June issue, all Vogue editions will feature healthier-looking models; gone will be the underaged and emaciated waifs that have been setting the pace for the female body image.  This unrealistic body type has seduced untold numbers of teenage – and even pre-teen – girls to develop eating disorders that has cost some of them their lives and robbed the rest of their health and mental focus. 

Prom Planning & Protocol – Part 3: Guys’ Guide

Planning For a Night to Remember with Class and Style

The BOYS’ Guide 

For a guy on the brink of adulthood, prom can be an excellent showcase for your adult behavior.  It’s a time to demonstrate your sophistication, savvy and character, and an opportunity to impress your parents, teachers, classmates and especially that special person in your life with your social skills. 

Prom Planning & Protocol – Part 2: Gals’ Guide

Planning For a Night to Remember with Class and Style

The GIRLS’ Guide

When shaping your image – or brand – everything you do, say, write and wear will affect how you appear to people and how they feel about you.  Prom is a major event in your life, and should be seen as an opportunity to make your debut as an adult rather than as your swan song as a wild and crazy kid.   For example, will you focus on the trendy, or will you zero in on style and class?  If the latter, read on!