Please note that during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic the world is currently experiencing, I will not be conducing workshops in order to observe the social distancing that our state and federal governments and medical experts are advising.

In the meantime, you are welcome to visit my blog page where you will find two posts on how everyday etiquette can help to fight this horrific and invisible global and national health threat.

Until this phenomenon passes into history along with previous 21st century health threats — SARS (2002-2003), H1N1 (2009-2010), Ebola (2014-2015) and Anthrax (2001), I urge everyone to follow best practices and stay safe and well. 

All my best


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When this emergency is over, I would love to hear from you again with requests for details on the Workshops or speaking engagements, for which you may use the form below, email me at, or call me at (914) 275-5260.