PROWESS Workshops

It has been a challenging past two years with the pandemic, and it doesn’t look like it’s quite over. As such, until further notice I have discontinued in-person Workshop sessions and instead am offering customized online sessions for both groups and individuals. To discuss options, please contact me via my Contact page.

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well and are carefully transitioning to your particular “new normal” situation. My wish for all is a relatively smooth adjustment, and a future bright with etiquette, ethics and empathy in your respective workplaces. 

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Protocol for the Workplace and Etiquette for Social Situations

Don’t stay in the dark. Let the PROWESS Workshops light the path to your career success!

The PROWESS Workshops cover a range of topics that are designed to help students, professionals and retirees in any field master the soft skills with regard to both traditional business etiquette and modern trends.

Workshops are offered online to individuals, groups, colleges and universities, vocational institutes, high schools, nonprofits, community centers and other organizations.

For commentary on a wide range of topics on business and social etiquette, with special attention to students and women, and a focus on inclusion and diversity, please visit my blog.