Summer Job

Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.”
~ Malcolm S. Forbes

 (Please note that I'm interrupting my series on dining etiquette
for a few weeks to focus on the topic of summer job etiquette.) 

Sticking to one’s job in a positive and productive way is the key to making progress. And, speaking of making progress, the U.S. is seeing some of the strongest summer employment numbers for teenagers since the 2007 discovery that the world was in the midst of the largest disaster since 1929. These figures might also include summer internships, which differ from the time-honored summer I-need-to-earn-some-money job; but still the job picture is improving. If you’re among the lucky teenagers, as well as college students, to have summer employment, this entry is for you!

Summer Vacation Etiquette – Part 5: Motorcycle Manners

Rider Etiquette

My only experience with a motorcycle was as a passenger on my date’s ride when I was in my mid-20s; he was a few years older than I and a rather conservative banker, and I thought it was such a groovy idea (that’s how we talked back then).  Alas, it was the kind of experience that was akin to a ride on Space Mountain, meaning that once is quite enough, thank you very kindly.

The image that many have of motorcyclists, also referred to as bikers, riders and cyclists, is that of rebels and even road terrorists.  But, I can assure you that my banker was neither; he just liked to ride his motorcycle.  And, I have cousins who ride motorcycles and they are a highly educated, highly accomplished bunch.

The Three E’s Might Outweigh the Three R’s

A Degree Is Not Enough

A study conducted by the Carnegie Institute of Technology has prompted a recent flurry of articles in Forbes and other news sources, websites and blogs. According to the study, 85% of a person’s financial success is due to his or her “personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead,” and only 15% is due to “technical knowledge.” Although the study was apparently published in the 1970s, I’m happy to see it being discussed because these findings reinforce the need for business etiquette training to enable people to network effectively and build relationships. In other words, it supports the premise that the Three E’s – Etiquette, Ethics and Empathy in the Workplace – and Life – are just as important as, and might even outweigh, the Three R’s - Reading, writing and arithmetic. 

Prom Planning & Protocol – Part 2: Gals’ Guide

Planning For a Night to Remember with Class and Style

The GIRLS’ Guide

When shaping your image – or brand – everything you do, say, write and wear will affect how you appear to people and how they feel about you.  Prom is a major event in your life, and should be seen as an opportunity to make your debut as an adult rather than as your swan song as a wild and crazy kid.   For example, will you focus on the trendy, or will you zero in on style and class?  If the latter, read on!

The Perfect Handshake

It's Critical to Your Career!

Your job interview, prospective client, seat on a board or membership in an organization can be won or lost on the strength of your handshake. It can put you over the top or sink your chances. While this seemingly routine and innocuous little nicety lasts only a few seconds, it will be remembered forever.