The Wedding Series – More On Gifts

"Wedding gifts may be practical or fanciful, inexpensive or extravagant,
but each one represents the giver's hapiness for the bride and groom."
~ Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette - 6th Edition 2014
by Anna Post and Lizzie Post

I've written about gifts in The Wedding Series a few times, i.e., Gift Registries, Wedding Gift-Giving Formula and The Bridal Shower; but it's an important topic to revisit. 

Whether the gift is for the engagement; shower; wedding; or gifts of appreciation to the wedding attendants, party hosts, officiant or others, it is important that both recipients and givers observe the etiquette involved, underlying which are respect, consideration, kindness and empathy. Thus, I'd like to reiterate some past advice add some new thoughts.

Dining Etiquette Series -The Hostess Gift

It’s not the gift, but the thought that counts.
 ~ Henry Van Dyke, American Author & Poet (1852-1933)

Bringing a gift to the host or hostess when you are invited to dinner -- from a formal affair to a casual pot-luck and everything in between -- is a time-honored custom intended to show a guest’s appreciation to the hostess for the invitation. Although this type of gift is called a “hostess gift,” it’s obviously intended for both genders. A hostess gift can be generic, such as a bottle of wine or candy, or tailored to the taste and personality of the host. But, be sure to consider any allergies, preferences, religious beliefs or ethnic customs. 

The Holiday Office Party

How To Enjoy Yourself While Keeping Your Career Intact

The holiday season is here again, and with it the usual round of festivities, including the notorious annual office party, known in many modern savvy circles as “the annual business holiday party.”  Companies sponsor this annual event to demonstrate appreciation to their employees; but underneath the good intentions lurk all sorts of minefields and pitfalls for the unwary employee.