Prom & Alcohol – A Deadly Duo

Avoiding alcohol at Prom
can save your life -- and more.

Because conveying the Three E's -- Etiquette, Ethics and Empathy in the Workplace, and in life -- is the theme of my blog, I believe that addressing them in connection with Prom is important. Therefore, I am devoting this entry to the subject. And, yes, I realize that students ready to embark on their Junior or Senior Prom might consider the word, "deadly" in the title to be a real buzz kill with regard to the occasion.

Job Search Series – Putting Together Your Resume

Build your effective modern resume with these pieces!

Guest Post by Lyn Nelson

As a counterpart to last week's post on a Modern, Effective Resume, this week I'm giving you the rundown on the various sections you should include on your resume, and when and how to do so.

With the exception of your Heading (which is always at the top!), and unless otherwise noted, these sections should be listed in order of relevance to the position(s) to which you are applying. 

Dining Etiquette Series – Responsibilities of a Host


A host is like a general: calamities often reveal his genius.
~ Horace, Roman lyric poet, satirist, and critic, 65 – 8 B.C.

Now that autumn has arrived and the busy fall entertaining season begins, I’m returning to topics of dining etiquette. As a student, your future very likely will include formal entertaining and hosting for both personal and business occasions. As Horace observed millennia ago, planning and implementing a dinner or luncheon party can be fraught with opportunities for mishaps, often referred to as Murphy’s Law