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Job Search Series – Negotiating after the Job Offer – Part 4 – Practice Makes Perfect

Negotiation Practice Makes Perfect 

When you are not practicing,
remember, someone somewhere is practicing,
and when you meet him he will win.”
~ Ed Macauley, Hall of Fame Basketball Player

Employers have had a lot of practice in the craft of salary negotiation. So when you approach job-offer negotiations, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, keep in mind the time-honored phrase, “practice makes perfect.” Just as you practiced your interview answers, questions, strategies and techniques, practicing your negotiation scenarios will help you to perfect your performance and showcase your presence and poise at the negotiation table. In turn, your negotiation style will provide your potential employer with a preview of your business savvy.

Job Search Series – Negotiating after the Job Offer – Part 1 – Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Step Up to the Salary Negotiation

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

“Don’t leave money on the table,” is the advice of negotiators, and applies whether you're investing, navigating a business deal, applying for financial aid, making an offer on a house, wrangling over the sticker price on a new or used car, haggling with a market vendor, bartering over your allowance or negotiating your starting salary, benefits, perks and other fine points of your newly-minted job offer.