Summer Vacation Etiquette – Part 8: Airline Travel

Airline Travel Etiquette

Although airline travel has become increasingly complicated and challenging, it is also increaslingly popular  this summer and flights are crowded.  You can expect delays due to weather, equipment issues, flights backed up and other conditions. 

The formula to make your air travel as pleasant and efficient as possible is: preparation + good manners = successful air travel.  The following tips will help your travel to be safe and enjoyable:

Summer Vacation Etiquette – Part 4: Fourth of July Barbecue

Fourth of July Barbecue Etiquette

For many Americans, nothing says summer has arrived like a Fourth of July celebration.  Roughly two weeks following the summer solstice, The Fourth is a great marker for the seasonal passage.

There are many ways we Americans celebrate The Fourth.  Among the favorites is the barbecue; following are some etiquette guidelines to make them even more enjoyable:

Summer Vacation Etiquette – Part 1: The Beach

Don’t Forget to Pack Your Manners

Everyone looks forward to summer.  Regardless of whether you have plans to go away or not, the nature of summer seems to slow time and evoke a feeling of being on vacation if only on the weekends.  With its warm weather, sunshine and evenings fragrant with honeysuckle summer sets the stage for cookouts, picnics, trips to the beach, lighter clothing, relaxing evenings and a drift toward leisure time.  Summer is vacation time because for many it’s the most convenient time of year to take off time off from work.