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Job Search Series – Your Positioning Statement

“Today you are You, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Dr. SeussHappy Birthday to You!

Now that you have completed your prototype resume that you will customize for each position to which you apply, and have an understanding of the principles of the cover letter (see the previous three guest posts by Lyn Nelson), let’s turn now to your positioning statement. This composition is also referred to as your 30-second elevator pitch because it should be short and concise enough to recite between floors as you are riding up or down in an elevator – because you never know when you will run into someone important and you only have a few seconds to take advantage of the opportunity to make your case. 

Job Search Series – Putting Together Your Resume

Build your effective modern resume with these pieces!

Guest Post by Lyn Nelson

As a counterpart to last week's post on a Modern, Effective Resume, this week I'm giving you the rundown on the various sections you should include on your resume, and when and how to do so.

With the exception of your Heading (which is always at the top!), and unless otherwise noted, these sections should be listed in order of relevance to the position(s) to which you are applying. 

Job Search Series – Five Steps to a Modern, Effective Resume

Your resume is still your most important marketing tool.

Guest Post by Lyn Nelson

There is a lot of buzz these days about resumes becoming endangered or extinct. LinkedIn is a major resource for recruiters. Employers are checking you out on social media. Applicants are (sometimes successfully) using video resumes or guerilla job hunting tactics. You may opt to use some of all of these avenues (in an intelligent and informed way, of course) as part of your job search. However, most of your job applications will still require the traditional application method that includes - at minimum - a resume. And even if your video resume or LinkedIn profile gets attention, you will still need a strong resume for an interviewer to use. So, make sure your resume is updated and modern to market you most effectively.

The College Career Center

The Jewel in the Campus Crown

I was once again reminded of the value of the college career center last Wednesday evening when I presented the topic of business dining etiquette at the annual student and alumni Power Dinner, which was co-sponsored by the Manhattanville College Center for Career Development (CCD), the Junior Class and Residence Life.  Although the Power Dinner is not new, it speaks volumes about how its importance has grown that it is now co-sponsored by other areas and fully supported by Manhattanville’s president, who attended along with students and alumni.  My co-presenter for the evening, a wealth management portfolio officer for a major financial institution, guided the students through an engaging interactive hour of networking techniques to be used at various business occasions.  The planning, creativity and sophistication that are the hallmarks of this and other CCD events attest to the top-notch career training that is provided.