“I have already received my full vaccine series, thanks to my old age, I was one of the first to receive the vaccine." ~ Santa Claus, in the Barents Observer, Rovaniemi, Finland "Have yourself a merry little Christmas, let your heart be lightNext year all our troubles will be out of sight..." "Have Yourself A … Continue reading IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A BIT LIKE CHRISTMAS – WITH SOME CAVEATS

Reaching Out to Fellow Americans In Their Hour of Need

Puerto Ricans and U.S. Virgin Islanders are American Citizens Many years ago when I was a twenty-something, in a discussion with a Puerto Rican coworker I learned that residents of Puerto Rico are American citizens. Surely this fact was included in my education, but it obviously did not take hold. As I was politically active and thought … Continue reading Reaching Out to Fellow Americans In Their Hour of Need

Summer Vacation Etiquette – Part 10: Returning Home

Returning Home, with Thanks

Returning home from vacation can be bittersweet.  On the one hand, you’re glad to be home to your familiar surroundings and the comfort of being back in your own space.  On the other hand, there might be a bit of a letdown after the change of scenery and routine you experienced while traveling and visiting other regions of the U.S. or another country.  But, the fact remains that your vacation is over and it’s time to go back to school or work.

Summer Vacation Etiquette – Part 9: Global Travel

Global Etiquette

Globalization has transformed the workplace, making everyone more sensitive to the various cultures that the diverse workforce has produced.  Technology has brought nations closer together, and today we Americans work with people from all over the world and of various backgrounds. 

But it’s a bit different working with people of diversified backgrounds at work than when we travel to other countries and find ourselves on different turfs where the local customers often are quite different from ours.  In those cases it behooves Americans to know the proper etiquette and protocol of the country to which we have traveled, whether we’re there for business or pleasure.

Summer Vacation Etiquette – Part 8: Airline Travel

Airline Travel Etiquette

Although airline travel has become increasingly complicated and challenging, it is also increaslingly popular  this summer and flights are crowded.  You can expect delays due to weather, equipment issues, flights backed up and other conditions. 

The formula to make your air travel as pleasant and efficient as possible is: preparation + good manners = successful air travel.  The following tips will help your travel to be safe and enjoyable: