December Holidays



 Twas the late autumn season…

‘Twas the late autumn season, and all through the land
The shoppers were rushing, it was all so grand!
Christmas trees were in all the places they could be
Santas were ev’rywhere the eye could see.

Everyone glowed in the bright yuletide cheer
It enveloped all in its path, far and near.
Stores lured shoppers with garlands, lights and Christmas pines
Before Halloween horrors could send chills up our spines.

But throughout the realm there arose such a chatter
It behooved us to stop and check ‘twas the matter!
Many were distressed and having fits of pique,
Santa would not arrive for many a week!

Before, there’d be other holidays galore
So why the rush and flurry to give so much more
To one cherished holiday over the rest
When all citizens believe that their own is the best?

There’s Hallowe’en and Thanksgiving that come before
Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice and more
Celebrations that come about alongside
That magnificent and awesomeful Christmastide

It’s time for respect, and empathy and kindness
No stumbling through the holidays in our blindness
To the feelings of those who have different strokes
To holiday celebrations, as do folks.

We can celebrate this time in our special ways
Being with family and friends through these glorious days,
While giving a nod and paying one’s respect
To others as they celebrate, mark and reflect.

Thus, as we sing carols of shepherds in the night
Let us remember the Festival of Light,
The celebration and joy of pan-African life,
And the Winter Solstice as they become rife.

 For our nation is made up of folks of all kinds
And our strength and bliss comes from ev’ry tie that binds
Including our shared wish fully to embrace
These seasonal joys on which so much value we place.

So let us hark as we revel, shop and fill platters
What it is about this season that most matters!
Not baubles and invites and getting the best
Not pushing or shoving or outdoing the rest!

It’s people who count, not all of those trappings
People are more important than those gift wrappings
Whether Muslim, Christian, Native American, Jew
Pagan or Hindu, we’re equal, me and you.

So let’s make some room for all holidays the same
Not just one or a few of universal fame,
May we honor, respect and value them all
Not just ones that fill the most space in the mall.

We should reduce holiday clutter as well
To be kind to our planet, that would be swell.
And retailers can offer premature sales
Without causing early storewide Christmas gales!

 This year and ahead, shall we agree to embrace
All customs and celebrations, and to keep apace?
So I wish you all, with a heart happy and light,
Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good-night!

Until next time,



(Parody of “T’was the Night Before Christmas” by Jeanne Nelson)

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