Moving Forward in 2015

I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward.
~ David Livingstone

Moving forward into 2015 is an exciting journey to which I am looking forward. As we all get ready for the New Year ahead, here are some topics on which I will be blogging away in the coming months:


To begin 2015, I’ll wrap up my series of workplace tips for those beginning new jobs with entries on office politics and workplace bullies; this follows my last entry on the subject, “How to Bond with Your Boss, which in turn follows my year-long Job Search Series. 


In February the focus will be on relationships, professional, personal and romantic, and how observing the rules of etiquette along with a generous helping of emotional intelligence can get you where you want to go with the important people in your life.


Establishing and stabilizing your relationships will lead into a topic that I’ve long wanted to tackle — weddings. They are an inherent part of our culture and entwine our personal and professional lives. I’ll address basic wedding etiquette, clarify modern variations and customs and explore different styles of weddings. As always, I’ll welcome your comments and questions!


March is Women’s History Month, and throughout the month topics about women in the workplace, on campus and in politics will be featured. The status and future of women will be examined and what they might mean for everyone.

News Items

Woven among these topics will be entries on newsworthy, seasonal and just plain interesting items. Your suggestions regarding topics will be welcome and encouraged.

Join me as I begin my fourth year of The Three E’s: Etiquette, Ethics and Empathy in the Workplace (and Life!). Let’s move forward together in 2015 to look at the important issues and hone those leadership skills that are critical to success in every facet of our lives.

Until next time,


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