Holiday Season 2015 – Silent Night, Festival of Light…

Silent night
Festival of light
Winter Solstice
In shades of white.

 Arba’een peace
Kwanzaa corn and wheats
December time
Has many beats.

 Lovely blend
May it never end
This unity
I recommend.

So reach out
That’s what it’s about
Put aside fear
Erase your doubt.

Observed many ways
Make us stronger
You’ll be amazed.

Has gone far away
Let’s awake to
A brand new day.

Parody of “Silent Night,” by Jeanne Nelson

This holiday season take the practice of etiquette, ethics and empathy in the workplace — and in life — to new heights. And may your days be filled with peace, joy, strength and optimism with open hearts and minds whether you are making a pilgrimage, lighting candles, hanging ornaments, celebrating the Yule or a mix of or none of the above.

Until next time,



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