Yes, I Got My Flu Shot!

But I got the flu anyway (it would seem)!

So sorry for another blog interruption but I have come down with some sort of bug, and it could be a form of influenza that was not covered by the flu vaccine that I received. From what I am hearing from family and friends is that there are a couple of flu strains circulating and being caught even by those who have been vaccinated. One is a stomach virus — the usual 24-48 hour kind that is brief but intense — and the other is the kind that comes with a fever, chills and body aches. I seem to have come down with the latter with a touch of the former. I am also discovering that timing and the number of flu vaccinations can make a difference in whether or not you come down with this nasty seasonal plague, so please check with your doctor on those points.

Because I have to delay my regular blog entry (again), I will take this opportunity to remind my readers of some past entries related to illness and etiquette:

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Stay well, but if you don’t try to get as much bed rest as possible, drink plenty of fluids, take your temperature frequently and if you or your child is running a fever call your doctor to find out what you should do. Move around gently when you can to keep your system working properly, but perhaps think twice about trying to sweat out a cold or flu at the gym! And, you know that controversy about getting sick in winter if you go out without a coat? Well, I’ve always thought there was a connection and scientists at Yale University seem to have found one. So button up your overcoat when the wind is free, and wear your scarf, hat, gloves and galoshes!

Finally, take steps to prevent spreading your illness to others. Of course, that’s not always possible, especially if you’re a parent, running your own business, a member of your organization’s critical staff or a student who has to meet deadlines with applications, tests and other urgent matters. But as this is an etiquette blog it behooves me to point out that containing your illness to yourself shows respect and consideration to others. Now pass the tissues please.

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