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Dear Subscribers and Readers,

Although I am not yet back from my summer hiatus, I am compelled to post the notice below from Bonnie Low-Kramen. No doubt you are familiar with Bonnie, who is the author of Be the Ultimate Assistant: A Celebrity Assistant’s Secrets to Success and ultimate trainer of everything to do with executive assistants, and you also may know that Vickie Evans is the world’s leading Microsoft trainer. Together Bonnie and Vickie travel the world to offer their premiere training programs.

Right now, however, Vickie is battling breast cancer and to help her in her fight Lucy Brazier of Executive Secretary Magazine has organized a blowout Webathon Weekend on September 22-24 with some of the top trainers in the world. This offer presents two extraordinary opportunities for you: One, to obtain first-rate professional development training at a phenomenal price and, two, to help out a fellow professional in the most meaningful way possible. 

Thank you for taking a minute to check this out. My regular blog entries will resume soon!

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Dear Jeanne,

Everybody needs some extra help sometime in our life. This is one of those times.
Vickie Evans Bonnie Low Kramen

Vickie Evans, my dear friend and technology trainer extraordinaire, is fighting aggressive but curable Stage 2 breast cancer. Vickie has been on chemo since May and her surgery will be in a few weeks. Her road is not an easy one and I know many of you have seen this or experienced it yourself so you “get” it.

The assistant community has rallied to help Vickie and with Lucy Brazier’s leadership, have designed a Webathon Weekend September 22-24! What this means is that 50 of the top trainers in the world are presenting their best content for this ground-breaking event.
The cost is only $49 for the weekend pass and 100% of the proceeds go to Vickie. No one is taking a fee. Everyone is pitching in to do what they can do. I am very grateful to Lucy, all the speakers, and the technicians from all corners of the world who are volunteering and to everyone who is registering. It’s going to be a mind-blowing weekend.
This training is not only for assistants but for anyone who works with humans and for anyone who touches a computer or online device. The topics will be both hard skills and soft skills, plus lots of inspiration. I will be talking about Why Women Need to Help Other Women which is something both Vickie and I care deeply about.
I hope that you will share this information with your colleagues, family, friends and students. Seriously, this content could be life-changing and will be totally worth your time and money.
Here is a small sampling of the speakers and topics. Check them out online. These people are the best in their field and are from all over the world. Be ready for some surprises too!
Laura Schwartz | Mentoring & Leadership
Rhonda Scharf | From Admin to VA
Monica Seeley | Taking Control of your Inbox
Melissa Esquibel | Managing Projects with Outlook & Excel
Richard Arnott | Running Effective Meetings

For full details and the speaker line up, please go to: If you want to donate one or more Webathon places, please contact Matthew Want for details.


None of us are guaranteed tomorrow and life can change in a heartbeat. Vickie has 3 tumors and felt nothing. The doctor found them in a routine mammogram and follow-up MRI. If you are due for a check-up, please make your appointment today.
Thank you for reading and sharing this note. I welcome your thoughts, compassion, and involvement.
To your good health,

Other Ways to Help Vickie 

Thank you

Share details about this Webathon everywhere that you can: via email, social media, newsletters, word of mouth etc. Every additional person who attends will make a difference! And they will learn plenty too!
  1. Make a donation HERE. (Vickie receives all proceeds minus the PayPal fees.)
  2. Purchase one of Vickie’s books on AMAZON.
  3. Purchase Vickie’s e-book.
  4. If you have Vickie’s book, please consider writing a review on AMAZON.
  5. Join the RedCape Academy.
  6. Purchase Vickie’s On-Demand Class to train your teams.
  7. Encourage companies to hire Vickie to do a webinar from her home in Texas.
  8. Encourage everyone you know to get checked. Early detection is our best defense. #GETSCREENED
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